Original Photograph by Matthew Warren

Original Photograph by Matthew Warren

Below you will find the guidelines for our content. When you speak with us during an interview or submit your stories and photographs, please keep these in mind.

Family Friendly

Keep all content family friendly. Please do not submit adult stories or photographs either during an interview or through the website and social media. Does this mean that if you’re a burlesque dancer or erotica writer that you can’t talk with us? No, it sure doesn’t. Just try not to include the nitty gritty that shouldn’t be seen by the youngest residents of Wichita.

Adult Language

Please do not use adult language. If something slips out during an interview, then that’s fine; we won’t beat you up about it. We can simply edit that out of the text. However, if you continue to swear during an interview, we may decide to stop the interview at that point. Also, please do not cuss in your comments or submissions through social media. We will ban anyone who abuses the pages associated with this site.

Positive and Wichita Focused

Keep it positive and focused on Wichita. We all agree that New York is an awesome city, but this is a blog for Wichita. Too please do not bash the city or other groups and/or people during an interview or on the social media pages. Save your aggression for Fight Club.

Above all, use your common sense. Remember that this is a blog to highlight the unique qualities of our city and its residents.

We reserve the right to edit the text of a story or interview based on these guidelines. We also reserve the right to refuse an interview or story based on those same guidelines.